Tips for Recycling Electronic Waste

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As a society, we tend to be eager to buy the latest phone or upgrade all our electronic appliances, whether at home or at work. And while getting the latest gadgets may seem exciting, we almost never consider the environmental implications of our actions. Buying the next generation TV or the latest iPhone significantly impacts how electronic waste is eventually discarded. This, in turn, is very harmful to our natural environment.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your electronics in a responsible manner, the best way to do so is by recycling. Recycling electronic waste can help in diverting it from taking up landfill space and prevent the release of harmful toxins into the environment.

There is a growing concern about eWaste. So there are several ways to ensure that you are responsibly recycling e-waste. These include taking other steps rather than throwing your old batteries and gadgets directly into the bin.

Here are a few tips to help you recycle such items:

1. Maximize the Life Cycle of a Working Device

If the electronic device that you are hoping to change is still in workable condition, the best course of action is not to recycle it but try to increase its lifecycle. You can either pass it on to someone who needs it or to donate it to an organisation. There are many such options available if you just look around. Someone should use the device instead of it becoming something harmful to the environment.

2. Look for A Responsible Recycling Service

If your device is not usable at all, then it is time to recycle. Your first step should be to look for a responsible recycler in your area. There are many ways that this e-waste is shipped to landfills in other countries and then burned. Thus, make sure that you are not giving your devices to such places. Ask the recycling service how they will use it and whether they maintain strict standards while doing so. They should be conducting everything responsibly and sustainably.

3. Explore Other Recycling Options

There are other options available rather than just recycling service providers. Many people accept old electronics. You can also check with the manufacturers to see if they take used items. For example, Apple has its Renew Program, which lets its customers recycle products in their stores as well as online. Other companies like Harvey Norman also take old television sets and other e-waste if you buy a new item from them. Many hardware stores make use of their parts to build new stuff.

4. Set an E-Waste Recycling Policy

For businesses, it is essential to have a recycling policy for all the office e-waste. Larger companies can conduct waste audits and set targets to reduce their waste accumulation. It should always be advisable to consume less, and when upgrades absolutely have to be made, recycling should be the first priority.

When everyone takes accountability for their actions, the world can become a much better and healthier place. Going the extra mile to ensure that your electronic waste is recycled can help support a healthier planet.

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