How to Get Rid of Ants Around Electrical Wires

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Ants may seem like harmless creatures, but when they get into the wrong stuff, they can create many problems for your household. Ants are known to construct their homes or colonies in certain parts of your houses that may not be visible like electrical sockets and other hidden cracks and pores. If they start settling near electrical wires and outlets, the danger of potential short-circuiting and fires becomes very real.

Ants can even cause damage to the electric wires around your home or business by cutting through them and other installations. Electric wire short-circuits can cause hazardous fires. Thus, it is of utmost priority that as a homeowner, you ensure that you act against these ant infestations so you can prevent such damage or accidents from happening to you. Voltfix Electrical suggests these handy tips:

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Electric System

There are some simple do-it-yourself options to help resolve ant problems near electric wiring systems such as the following:

1. Cinnamon

If you have an idea of the spots through which ants enter your house, you can simply treat those spots with some cinnamon. Cinnamon has ant repellent properties, which make it a simple and effective solution against ant infestations. If ants are digging tunnels to enter your home, put some cinnamon in them. Or if they use the holes through which electric wires enter the house, put some cinnamon powder there too. After adding cinnamon, you will see a visible difference as ants can smell the spice, which keeps them away.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is another effective solution against ants near your electric wires. You can use peppermint spray on infested areas. However, be extra careful that you do not spray directly on the wires; otherwise, it can damage them. You can spray around the system or on other entry holes around the house. Any tight spaces through which ants enter will be filled with the strong smell of peppermint and repel any more ants from coming that way.

3. Professional Help

If your problem persists, it is always advisable to contact the local pest control service to prevent serious ant infestations. There are many companies that use eco-friendly solutions and pet-friendly solutions.

Other things that help

You should also maintain cleanliness around the house because ants are mostly attracted to food sources. Sealing and insulating the electrical outlets is also an option. However, it must be done by a certified electric technician for safety purposes. You can also take some extra measures, such as creating a barrier around your house’s foundation with pesticide crystals to block their entry.

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