Electrical Audits: A Must for New Home Buyers

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When you are buying a home, there is more than just one thing you should worry about. A building inspection will help you determine the state of the structural components of the home while writing the pre-purchase property inspection report. The electrical inspector might also check the smoke alarms and do some minor check-ups of the electrical components of the house. However, that is definitely not enough. To make sure that the house has electrical integrity, conducting an in-depth electrical inspection or electrical audit is necessary.

Discover Faulty Wiring

In Australia, about 15 people, on average, die yearly from electricity-related incidents in their homes. Faulty wiring is the most common culprit of fires and electrocution. Electrical safety standards are always being updated, and you need to make sure that your new prospective home is using up-to-date and compliant with all current regulations. All significant issues will be picked up by a trained electrician during an electrical audit. Having a licensed professional conduct an inspection like Voltfix Electrical will make sure that you are not living in an unsafe home.

Identify Problems with Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors can prove to be the difference between life and death in most house-fires. Smoke detectors are mandatory in each home. There is much legislation regulating the numbers and locations of smoke alarms required in your home.

In 2017, the government outlawed ionisation based smoke detectors and mandated that all smoke alarms be photoelectric and compliant with Australian Standard.  A licensed and qualified electrician will make sure during his inspection that all the smoke alarms in your house are not just operational, but also compliant with all legislation.

Identify Overloaded Circuits

As electric components get older, the chances of them overloading and malfunctioning rise substantially.  Using multiple power boards and extension cords might be useful and convenient if your home has limited outlets, but this increases the burden on the circuit and can pose a threat to your safety.

In most cases, a circuit breaker will trip when it is overloaded, but in the event that a breaker fails, the overloaded circuit will overheat the wires causing them to melt, which may result in a fire. If your circuit trips, your outlets feel warm when you touch them, or if your appliances seem to have less power when plugged in, it might indicate an overburdened circuit.

These are some of the reasons a comprehensive electrical inspection is required for new home buyers

During an audit, an electrical inspector will pinpoint the areas that need corrections, such as adding new circuits in order for your home to become safer.

Conducting a thorough electrical inspection through a licensed professional can be very helpful before purchasing your new house. Spending a little money, in the beginning, will help you identify situations that might be even more expensive to fix later on. An inspection might also help you in negotiating a better price for the property in case you discover even minor faults.

Voltfix Electrical will make sure your house is up to code and compliant, which is necessary for the safety of your family and house. If you live in Brisbane Southside, Logan or Redlands call us on 1300 500 832 to find more about our electrical inspection and related services.

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