Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

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The modern-day electric fireplace is as efficient as it is safe, useful, and aesthetically appealing. It is the perfect alternative for wood or gas fireplaces, which produce a large amount of smoke and fumes and need a chimney to be operational. It’s advisable to get your electric system safety checked before installation. Just like with any extra electrical appliance, you install in your home.

With electric fireplaces, there is no open flame, no need for hauling firewood, and no need to clean the chimneys every so often. However, if you plan on installing an electric fireplace in your home, or if you already have one and want to learn more about the safety measures you need to take, read ahead to become aware of some useful electric fireplace safety tips:

1.  Keep Objects at A Safe Distance

Even though no real flames are emerging from the fireplace, electric appliances still pose a risk of fire. Flammable materials should never be kept close to the fireplace, and nothing should ever be placed upon them. A good rule of thumb is to keep all furniture, clothes, and curtains at least 1 meter away from your electric fireplace. As long as you keep a safe distance, you can cuddle up in your favourite blanket and cosy up next to the fireplace without being bothered by flames or fumes.

2.  Do not Leave Kids and Pets Unattended

These fireplaces run at a lesser temperature, do not have any sharp edges, and are without super-hot surfaces that can burn the skin if accidentally touched. Despite all this, owners must be aware that accidents can happen no matter how safe their device is, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why anyone who has installed an electric fireplace in their home must take special care not to leave their kids or pets unattended while their fireplace is switched on.

3.  Inspect Your System

Before installing your fireplace, it is always a good idea to have a safety inspection conducted by a licensed professional to ensure that your electrical system is safe, and you are aware of any issues that may come up later. Even if your fireplace is already in use and seems to be working perfectly fine, there is no harm in getting it looked at by a safety inspector. Fireplaces are much safer than their traditional counterparts, but one must still be careful and follow all precautions regarding them.

4.  Keep It Away from Water

Always remember: water and electricity do not mix. Do not use your electric heater in places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, gardens, or any other place where they are likely to encounter water. Gardens and yards need to be avoided not only because there is a chance of exposure to water, but also because electric heating systems should never be used outdoors. In case of fire, never throw water on your fireplace or its wiring system, as that will only make matters worse. Instead, safely unplug the system, if that is a workable option, and call emergency services.

5.  Electric Fireplace Cord Safety

You must always plug electric heaters directly into the wall instead of using an extension cord. You should also make sure that the socket is not being overloaded and always check your connection for frayed or worn out wires before use, as those might cause a short-circuit. Wires should never run under furniture or be covered with rugs, and the fireplace should always be unplugged when it is not in use. In case you notice something off with your appliance, call an electrician to inspect it, and never modify it yourself.

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