5 Electrical Upgrades to Enhance Your Home Office

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An office needs to be organised and well-equipped to boost creativity. An office with too much noise filtering in, shoddy lighting, and unsuitable power outlets can hamper productivity because you cannot focus entirely.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a recent surge in the culture of working from home. Most people have had to alter the settings of their house to match their office design so that they could get in the zone.

Here are five essential upgrades you need in your home office to help you adjust to the strange transformation of working from home.

1.  Lighting Fixtures

Long hours of sitting in front of a screen can bring you more harm than good. Your posture might worsen, and you may suffer from eye strain.

Although this cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced. The answer: let the light in.

Invest and select lighting that is neither too bright nor too dim. Choose LED lights that are not only energy-efficient (who does not want to save up on electricity bills?) but also incredible at lighting up the room without hurting the eyes.

2.  Computer Cable Organisers

Have you have had to untangle the mouse cord from your headphones or your charger? Such a nuisance, isn’t it?

If you answered yes, your next electrical investment should be in computer cable organizers. Having organised cables is not only aesthetically pleasing but is actually instilling good safety practices in your home. Having bunched up wires can lead to overheating and even short-circuiting.

3.  USB Power Outlets

A simple personal computer is not enough to cater to the growing needs of an essentially virtual workplace. You need a laptop, headphones, USBs, Bluetooth-connected mouse, to name just a few.

Your devices need to be simultaneously connected and streamlined so that they do not trip in service and cut out during your vital office Zoom calls.

For this, you need USB power outlets that can help you plug your devices into the wall. These sockets are less of an electrical fire hazard and increase efficiency as well.

4.  Presentation Technology

It’s a fact: visual information is processed by our brain better than verbal cues.

Visual presentations, especially for online video conferences, are becoming more and more significant. The quality of your presentation has become a metric to assess your competencies.

What does it take to make the best presentations? The best slideshow tools, of course.

Although they might be a bit of an investment, it is a worthwhile endeavour. Here are some cloud-based tools that can take your presentation to the next level.

5.  Smart Home Integration

The benefits of integrating your home with technology to make it smarter are threefold- convenience, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Everything is connected- data from your laptop is transferred and backed up on your phone without any hassle.

The fixtures have sensors- you can regulate the light and temperature without any physical effort. This can free up your focus to be redirected solely to your work.

It is energy efficient- the lights and fans can turn off by themselves when they sense you have left, reducing costs.

These changes can make all the difference in your overall productivity, creativity, and health. Try it today and see the positive transformation! Voltfix Electrical can help you install electrical upgrades to enhance your home office. Call us at 1300 500 832 for more information or to schedule an appointment.



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