How to Deal with A Faulty Switchboard?

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Electrical safety is one of the most important aspects of home safety and it starts at the switchboard. Considered the brain in any electricity distribution system in a typical residential and commercial building, an optimal switchboard will contain the most vital electrical safety devices on your home, Safety Switches.

Switchboards need to meet certain safety standards before they can be installed. Switchboards components need to be up to code so that they do not pose any threat to your home safety. However, they do have a lifespan and may sometimes fail if not used properly.

What to Do When a Switchboard Fails?

If you notice anything out of the ordinary in your switchboard, such as smoke, buzzing, humming or the safety switches and circuit breakers continually tripping, you need to call a licensed electrician immediately.

Will you need to replace your existing switchboard or upgrade to a new one?

First, the problem needs to be identified within your electrical system. The most common problem is the overheating of the switchboard and the cables within it. Faulty switchboards also lead to the circuit breaker tripping out more often and can cause an unsteady electricity supply.

These factors were quite common in older switchboards, and if you still have one of those, it is time to switch to safer options. If these problems are identified, the best solution is to replace the board before it causes a major breakdown or even a fire. In any case, you need to rely on the professional advice of an experienced electrician who knows how to upgrade your switchboard.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard

With new and safer technology, people are moving towards energy-efficient plans. If such a change is required, you need to replace your existing switchboard so that the new one is compatible and can carry the additional load. These days, you need an uninterrupted power supply and cannot afford system failures at your home or business.

If there is an addition to the electricity load in your home because of new electrical appliances, it becomes necessary to upgrade. As a rule of thumb, if more power is required to run your new electrical appliances, you need a new switchboard right away to avoid any electrical emergency or mishap.

Maintaining Your Switchboard

Switchboards must be inspected from time to time for any signs of damage. Your electrician should ensure that the fastening on the switchboards are fine and the insulation within is in good condition. Home switchboards should also be cleaned so that no dust settles inside it. Wirings should be immediately replaced if they show signs of damage.

Moreover, the circuit breakers need to be regularly tested, and all bolted panels should be tightly secured. A detailed inspection and maintenance schedule can avoid any mishaps. After all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

If you are looking for safe, reliable, fully licensed and insured electrical work, please contact Voltfix Electrical via our website or call us on 1300 500 832 to discuss your electrical needs, we give priority to safety and high-standards of electrical work.

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