The benefits of installing ceiling fans in your home

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Many home owners install ceiling fans to keep their home cool. But there are a number of other advantages to ceiling fan home installation, including energy cost savings, design and style choices, versatility, illumination, and year-round value. Here’s a more in-depth look at why ceiling fans are so beneficial for homes:

1. Reduced Energy Costs

Relying on ceiling fans instead of constantly running an air conditioner can reduce your home’s energy bills while reducing it’s environmental impact. Ceiling fans don’t actually change the temperature of your home, they create a cool draft to keep you feeling comfortable all year round.

2. Style Diversity

Ceiling fans present endless opportunities for design. You can check out our range of stylish ceiling fans here. Ceiling fans are available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. They can complement your home’s décor and can even be the focal point of the room, creating a statement finish.

3. Versatility in every room

You can install a ceiling fan in a living area, kitchen, bedroom, or even an outdoor verandah area. Ceiling fans can improve the environment no matter where it’s installed. You can therefore enjoy seasonal comfort when watching TV, making dinner, going to sleep, or sitting outside.

4. Convenient lighting

Ceiling fans work well as beautiful and functional lighting for any home. Create a layered lighting design in every room by choosing ceiling fans with built-in lights, minimising your need for additional wiring in each room of your home. Additionally, some ceiling fans are remote controlled so the ease of controlling the fan and lighting without getting up from your seat, makes them extremely versatile.

5. Year round comfort

Ceiling fans are extremely affordable to install and maintain, making them an attractive addition to modern homes. Home owners are always on the look out for more economic ways to cool their home, especially in Queensland’s hot summer days. Ceiling fans can also change their direction to clockwise to push warm air down from the ceiling without creating a draft in cold weather, too.

Ceiling fans for your Brisbane home

Voltifx Electrical is a Brisbane based electrical company specialising in electrical repairs, installation, and remodeling in residential and commercial properties. We are the best and most trusted electricians in the region.

Contact the team at Voltfix Electrical for a free quotation on your home ceiling fans today; whether you require a completely new ceiling fan installation, mounting, and electrical connection, or need it replaced or repaired.


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