Why should I do an electrical inspection before buying a home

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The perfect home …. but is it safe?

Your home is generally your biggest asset.  When purchasing a home you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for money and that it is safe.  Most people buying a home will get building and pest inspections completed prior to purchase or sign a contract subject to building and pest inspections.  The same should be done for plumbing and electrical inspections.  Unfortunately, many people do not consider investing in these inspections when making the biggest purchase of their life.  Make sure the sale contract includes “subject to building, pest and other inspections” as noting ‘other inspections’ will give you an ‘out’ if there are major electrical problems noted and hence peace of mind for the purchase.

The building inspection will give insight into the condition of the property and highlight any flaws and issues of concern.  The pest inspection will list any damage to the property caused by pests (termites, rats, possums, bats, etc).  These reports allow you to look into repair costs and you might be able to negotiate a better purchase price if significant.

An electrical inspection prior to purchasing the home is also very important.  This type of inspection identifies unsafe wiring and alerts you to any potentially dangerous situations.  Electrical issues may add up to quite significant dollars, especially if the home has insufficient power, faulty equipment or needs parts upgrading, rewiring, power boxes, safety switches, etc.

An older home is statistically more likely to have electrical issues. Investing in a pre purchase electrical report will help to make an informed decision and can increase your confidence in the decision as to purchase the property or not.  There is a quote within the report as to what electrical repairs are necessary to the home.  If electrical problems are found in the inspection that had not been identified by the seller, then you have the power to negotiate on the sale price or to get the seller to fix the electrical issues before signing a contract.

What does a typical pre purchase electrical inspection include?

  • Identifying electrical hazards
  • Testing safety switches
  • Evaluation of the electrical service 
  • Testing of smoke alarms
  • Check for dangerous exposed wires
  • Inspection of power sockets and lights
  • Identify out-dated wiring
  • Identify any electrical issues not meeting Government regulations
  • Power box examination
  • Check for DIY wiring

What does the electrical inspection report usually include?

  • photos and/or videos of areas of concern
  • defective electrical problems identified
  • recommendations for work to be completed
  • quotation to complete the recommended work

What are the benefits of obtaining a pre purchase electrical inspection report?

  • peace of mind purchasing the home
  • being aware of electrical faults could save a life
  • significantly reduces potential risk to property
  • urgent problems can be fixed immediately and prioritise other work
  • potential improvements noted for after purchase
  • could save you thousands of dollars in repair work in the future
  • possible ‘out clause’ of contract if electrical issues are found and you do not want to proceed with the contract

It is definitely a worthwhile investment to get a pre purchase electrical inspection done when looking to purchase your new home. Contact us today

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