pre purchase electrical inspection

Voltfix Electrical can organise pre purchase domestic electrical inspections, commercial and industrial inspections.

Why should I organise a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection?

If you are looking to purchase a home it is wise to get an electrical inspection completed prior to the purchase.  This inspection will identify any unsafe wiring issues and dangerous situations that may be very expensive to repair. Faulty or insufficient power issues can cost a lot to upgrade and repair.

Obtaining a pre purchase electrical inspection should be just as crucial as obtaining building and pest inspections on the property before purchase.  It is imperative to know the safety of the electrical system.  The purchase of your home is often the biggest investment you will make – you want to ensure that the home you are purchasing is safe.

A pre purchase electrical report will help you make an informed decision and give you the confidence in whether to purchase the property or not.  The report will include a quotation to make the necessary repairs to the property and this gives you power in negotiating when making an offer on the property if there are electrical issues that have not been declared by the seller, or the option to ask the seller to make the necessary repairs before sale of the property.  The older the home, the more likely it is to have issues.

Having a pre purchase electrical inspection completed can save you thousands in electrical repairs down the track.  Even more important than the money, having the knowledge from the report could save a life and remove any potential damage risk to the property.

Ensure your property contract includes “subject to building, pest and other inspections” Having the ‘other inspections’ listed will give you peace of mind and an ‘out’ of the contract if there is an electrical problem detected.

What is involved in a Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection?

The pre purchase electrical inspection will be carried out by an experienced and qualified Voltfix electrician.  The primary objective of the inspection is to assess the electrical system of the home/property is in a serviceable condition and safe.  After the inspection is completed you are provided with a clear and easy to understand inspection report.  The report will contain photos and/or videos of problem areas, will clearly describe any defective electrical issues, and will include recommendations and a quote to complete the necessary works

A pre purchase electrical inspection from Voltfix Electrical involves:

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