Tips To Maintain Your Home AC

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An air conditioner is an important appliance in every home to keep the temperature cool and comfortable. The last thing you want is for your AC to start malfunctioning when the humidity level is high.

Air conditioners, like most other home appliances, need proper maintenance. It’s proven that an air conditioner with proper maintenance functions more efficiently than an air conditioner lacking maintenance.

Tips To Maintain Your Home AC Brisbane

Here’re a few tips to keep your air conditioner working efficiently:

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioner is to prevent dust particles from entering your home. With this, the filter stores dirt and should be cleaned regularly. When the air filter accumulates too many dust particles, it puts excessive strain on the system, and the air that flows in is no longer pure.

Clean the Coils

Your AC’s coils function to absorb heat and only send cool air into your home. As time goes on, these coils accumulate dust from the heat they absorb. Too much dust on these coils affects their efficiency, prompting your AC to work harder to give your home a cool temperature.

Clean the coils regularly to prevent the coils from being insulated with too much dust. It’s worth noting that cleaning these yourself is dangerous as they’re sharp. Therefore, it’s wise to hire an expert at the job, such as Voltfix Electrical, to clean the coils for you.

Check the Condenser Unit Fan

One major aspect of an AC is the unit fan. The unit fan cools the gas. With the fan not working properly, the AC starts malfunctioning, affecting other parts in the long run.

One major pointer to a malfunctioning condenser unit fan is a strange sound from the AC. When you hear this sound, it’s time to call a professional to check your system and offer a solution.

Get the Condensate Drain inspected

The condensate drain line removes the water released when the evaporator in your AC unit converts refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. Over time, substances like algae can build up. This may lead to the drain clogging if you don’t maintain your AC unit regularly.

When you notice that the water doesn’t drain, call an AC professional to inspect your system and fix what might have gone wrong.

Tips To Maintain Your Home AC Brisbane

Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

Regardless of how hard you try to maintain your air conditioner, there are still many aspects you can’t check on your own. While you can take a quick look at your system and think everything is in order, you might be wrong as some parts might not be in good condition while they seem to be. This is where hiring an AC professional comes in.

Calling an expert to inspect your system helps enhance the efficiency of your AC, so it can serve you well and longer. At Voltfix Electrical, we have an experienced team of qualified technicians and can help you with your commercial, domestic and industrial electrical needs. We have fixed price servicing on all air conditioning units which includes:

  • Full chemical and Steam clean of the evaporator
  • Pressure blast of the drain pan
  • Chemical clean of the drain pan
  • Full chemical and steam clean of the condenser.

p. 1300 500 832

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