Unsafe Electrical Work – Is it Worth the Risk?

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Your life is precious and worth more than the risk you take to save any money. If you are considering doing electrical work yourself or hiring an unlicensed electrician, you need to take some time and think this through.

Every day we come across horror stories of electrocution and fire risks associated with short-circuits, sub-standard electrical equipment, and unlicensed electricians. Using the services of an unlicensed electrician can not only put your property and electrical wiring in danger, but it can also void your insurance cover in case of a disaster.

Many homeowners tend to hire unlicensed electricians to save money, but it can prove fatal. The gravity of risks involved in hiring an unlicensed tradesperson, especially electrical workers, are huge.

Unlicensed electricians usually don’t know what they are doing as they lack the required training, experience, and professionalism to undertake highly sensitive electric jobs.

We have seen several times when unlicensed electricians use low-quality equipment and cheap cables to save money – which over time, will break down or melt when the load is too much.

You can rely on Voltfix Electrical, as our qualified Brisbane electricians will uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety protocols.

You can count on us to perform the following tasks:

  • repairing an appliance such as a heater
  • installing a new power socket
  • replace a light switch
  • changing the location of the existing power socket
  • replacing a light fitting or a ceiling fan
  • fixing an extension lead
  • installing your air conditioning unit

Voltfix Electrical – We Do Things Differently!

As a residential electrical company, we can install energy-efficient domestic kitchen appliances, wiring for any interior room, security lighting for garage, ramps, garden or entrance gates. At Voltfix Electrical, we provide licensed Brisbane electricians and air conditioning technicians who take electrical safety seriously.

Electricity can kill or severely injure people and can cause damage to property. Therefore, ensuring electrical safety is our utmost priority.

Only Licensed Electricians

We provide reliable and safe electrical wiring, panel repairing, generator installation, and lighting solutions, serving happy customers, and keeping lives safe in the process.

Having a same-day response time, Voltfix Electrical is working around the clock to maintain home safety. Keeping the homeowners’ prevailing attitude of going for unlicensed electricians to save cost, we have kept our rates for the quality and reliable services surprisingly low.

If you are looking for safe, reliable, fully licensed and insured electrical work, please contact Voltfix Electrical or call us on 1300 500 832 to discuss your electrical needs, we give priority to safety and high-standards of electrical work.

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